Our Responsibility, ESG

Bark Oy is committed to complying with all valid Laws and Regulations in its operations, as well as regulations for the sector and general good practices and ethical principles. The customer base consists of listed companies, leading companies in the Forestry and Industrial sectors, Energy Companies, and State and Municipal developers. These customers already set high standards of responsibility for Bark, which have determined the company’s operations throughout its existence. Our strength is in high-quality and effective construction. We believe that only a profitable and prosperous company can invest, grow and create new jobs.

Environmental (E)

Responsible construction is also taking care of the environment. In our industry, concrete construction plays a significant role, which is harmful to the environment (carbon dioxide emissions from concrete production and transportation), compared to, for example, wooden construction. On the other hand, we also know that demanding industrial construction needs concrete to be successful. Bark bears its responsibility by finding out and offering its customers green concrete as an alternative. At the same time, it is good to understand what concrete is being built from: a more sustainable Finland. Industrial conversion projects in the 2020s often focus on increasing energy efficiency; in the construction of wind power, concrete foundations are an essential part of the project, and the energy crisis that started in 2022 has encouraged even more industrial players to invest in e.g. for hydrogen projects. We have been involved in implementing several bio-projects and we offer our services primarily for projects focused on renewable energy, such as wind power. Although the production and transportation of concrete causes emissions, concrete is manufactured in Finland into increasingly sustainable solutions that contribute to the green transition. Bark does not have its own production factories, so our production emissions are small. We try to take the simultaneity of work into account when planning our operations. This is not only energy-efficient, but also cost-efficient.

Social (S)

We commit to our employees over a long period of time and it’s great to see when they complete studies alongside their work or advance their career path with us! We have an encouraging attitude towards training. In the construction industry, certificates and qualifications are of great importance, that’s also why we want to encourage our employees to train and develop further. Bark has relatively few personnel, and our operations are based on reliable subcontracting networks and partnerships. Industrial construction projects are spread widely across Finland, and whenever possible we use local entrepreneurs for work performance and material procurement. A healthy and safe construction site is a key part of responsible construction. We also want to bear our social responsibility and are involved in sponsoring selected young athletes and sports clubs.

Governance (G)

Responsible and sustainable construction is a prerequisite for financial success. This requires professional planning and close dialogue between different professionals. Our strength is more than 20 years of experience in various construction projects, as well as an extensive network of experts. We want to bear our responsibility on construction sites by considering not only the environment but also the well-being of the working community.

We also want to act responsibly when choosing our partners. When we choose a partner for ourselves, we comply with the requirements and specifications of the Customer Liability Act. We use Vastuu Group’s system to monitor our partners. In this way, we want to contribute to the eradication of the gray economy in Finland. All our key service partners and suppliers are legal entities operating in Finland, from whom we expect the same high ethical principles that we strive for in everything we do.

We are committed to high ethical principles in board work and management team activities. At the center of all our activities is responsibility and reliability. It is the condition of our existence. Our customers and staff deserve it.