Bark Oy


Bark Oy, founded in 2007, started with the decision of two men, Toni Parkkinen and Petteri Rantalainen. They had already accumulated solid expertise in the construction industry on their own, and during a coffee break, along the road to Porvoo Southern Finland, crystallized the idea of producing high-quality construction services independently.

During that coffee moment, these guys, who had already completed their studies in the army and the University of Technology, decided to combine their skills, experience and vision. And so Bark Oy was born.

In the early days, Bark employed only one man and the company managers worked in the field in construction work. Since then, the company has grown. Someone could even say, phenomenally. Thanks to the professional staff, reliable partners and the hard work of the company management. Bark has established its position as a developer in South Karelia and has expanded its operations throughout Finland.

Creating a better construction industry

The ethical values that guide our operations support our daily work, management and stakeholder cooperation. Personnel and management are committed to complying with laws and regulations, international human rights, workers’ rights and environmental regulations, our quality manual and the ethical guidelines below.

Our company has completed a customer-oriented supplier evaluation (HSEQ evaluation) in January 2021 with a total score of 448 points.


At Bark, everyone is treated equally, fairly and with respect. We take care of the well-being of the working community and value the professionalism of our personnel. We want to guarantee safe, equal and healthy working conditions for all our employees.


Responsible and sustainable construction is a prerequisite for financial success. This requires professional planning and close dialogue between different professionals. Our strength is more than 20 years of experience in various construction projects, as well as an extensive network of experts. We want to bear our responsibility at the construction site by considering not only the environment but also the well-being of the working community. Proper handling of waste and a healthy and safe construction site are part of responsible construction.